If you haven’t checked yesterday’s keynote yet, you can check Engadget’s nice roundup or watch the whole thing here.

MacBook Pro retina display, iOS 6, minor Mac Pro update, new Aiport Express and Smart cover, all in all a few nice improvements to the Apple universe. Two things I’m disappointed in: the first one – they’re not going to make iOS 6 available for the first generation of iPad (which I still have, alongside the new iPad), the exact same kind of bullshit that we’re criticizing Google’s Android for. Not the fate this great device deserves.

And my second issue: nothing mentioned about an update to the Mac Mini. I’m actually thinking of buying one, but I’d like to have the new Intel Ivy Bridge inside, not last year’s version. So what do I do now: do I buy the one that’s still on the shelves or just wait and hope for a speedy announcement of an improved Mac Mini? Decisions, decisions.