In September, research from Gartner and IDC suggested that Windows Phone (Mango) could grab as much as 20 percent of the market share by 2015. iSuppli’s most recent predictions suggest that Windows Phone will hold about 16.7 percent of the market share by 2015. This same year, iSuppli expects Apple’s market share to drop from 18 percent to 16.6 percent. As you can see from these predictions, however, Windows Phone is only besting iOS by a small margin. Even so, gaining a strong foothold in the market and stealing some share from Apple is certainly something to comment about, especially when you consider Windows Phone’s market share in 2011 was less than 2 percent.

Umm…NO. Or, to put it differently: although I like WP7 much more than Android, I don’t see it gaining that much traction in just a few years. Time will tell.