Justin Pot writes an article on MakeUseOf about why he would choose a netbook over an iPad. I can appreciate the personal opinion here, however I disagree with some [1. or, better yet, all] of his arguments.

1. Affordable and Useful Long-Term

Two and a half years ago I bought my EEE PC for $200. [..] It’s not a tablet, but because it comes with a keyboard I (a writer) can use it to get actual work done. Ever better: I can still put up-to-date software on it.

Well I know plenty of writers/bloggers that do their main activity on an iPad or even an iPhone, like Shawn Blanc, Ben Brooks or Brett Kelly. And obviously you can get the newest software for the original iPad without any problems.

2. Tablets Are For Consumption, Not Creativity

I don’t know what “tablets” you’re referring to, but the iPad is in so many ways now used for creation. iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, minimal writing apps, office apps and so on. And you might notice the high amount of time Apple uses in its launch keynotes for presenting creation apps. The idea of tablets [2. and by “tablets” I mean Apple, since this is the original, dominant and still best tablet on the market] being used just for consumption is so “90’s” like.

3. No Glass to Shatter

This one is borderline hilarious: what are netbook displays made of? Kevlar? Kryptonite? Try dropping it on the pavement and see how the display holds.

4. Glowing Screens Suck For Reading

Oh, and the netbooks do not have a “glowing screen”? So you’re using an additional eReader…how does that make your netbook better than a tablet? Not to mention that I can honestly say I do most of my reading (if not all) on my iPad, and I DO own an eBook reader (Sony PRS-500).

I do have a netbook in the house and I can’t even begin to compare it to my iPad. The lower price is the only argument in its favor. Other than that, it would be like comparing a Toyota with a Ferrari.