So when it comes to the cost of e-books, Annaka, I’m on your side. Not only are prices too high, but publishers are making too much of the purchase price. Like other antiquated industries, they’ll try to hold on to the status quo as long as they can. But just as the music industry was transformed first by Napster and then by Apple, the publishing industry is ultimately bound to change as well because the gatekeepers are losing their grip.

This is a subject that has long boggled me. Why should we pay so much for an item that can be multiplied with virtually no cost after it’s been created and made available? No arguing that its inherit value has to be paid, but it just doesn’t seem right to raise it to the same level as its physical counterparts. Ultimately it’s a case of publishers greed keeping the price bar raised for more profits and I’m looking forward to see this business model thrashed by the advancement of self-publishing.