Don’t get me wrong: Google is still a force, just as Microsoft, Intel and IBM are. But they are no longer at the epicentre of the zeitgeist. Like Microsoft before it, Google can fight the good fight on many different fronts. Whether it can ever find an engine of growth capable of supplanting its core business is another question.

Set on the current path of “let’s all be evil“, Google’s losing more and more ground to the likes of Apple, Amazon and Facebook. Suddenly the giant seems so stuck in the past, inflexible and trying to stay in the game not by innovating, but by exercising more control and censorship. Not really the way to stay relevant in the online game and grow further. Google is pissing a lot of people lately and I can’t help but feel that this whole shit storm started somewhere around the enthroning of Larry Page as CEO, in the beginning of 2011. At least Eric Schmidt was a loud mouth, but he wasn’t stupid.

God knows I still curse them for removing the sharing option from Google Reader. They’re trying so hard to push Google Plus down everyone’s throat that they’ll be mighty surprised when the social network will be puked in their face.