Some of them just don’t have the money to walk into an Apple store and drop another $200 or more on a brand new replacement device. But they can afford to buy a part and swap it themselves or pay me a more reasonable amount to fix a shattered screen, broken home button, or replace a battery. They walk out happy and the odds of them purchasing another Apple device is more likely. They have the security that if an accident does happen, they have a safety net — either their own repair skills or businesses like my own.

iMore and iFixit have some thoughts on the legendary low servicing options available for iPhones and iPads. And I tend to agree with them on this one.

Look, I’m all for embracing the Apple clear and simple environment, form hardware to software. I have never (and will never) jailbreak any of my iDevices. And I do get the idea of design and usability tromping over serviceability. But, is Apple making it this hard to repair your iPhone just based on design and functionality factors? I fear this might not be the only reason. They will also gladly sell you an Apple Care plan with it.

I have had multiple components replaced on my iPhone 3GS (back cover, battery, screen) and I can tell it’s no simple task to service this phone. And it gets even harder with the consequent versions of iPhone and iPad. I’m not saying to make it much simpler to open these devices and poke around. I’m just asking to not make it impossible to to that.

Apple, I just don’t want to throw away my first-gen iPad when the battery eventually dies out.