Wishlist for iOS 7

Many people have been asking for widgets in Notification Center since iOS 5. iOS 6 added the Share Widget to the Stocks and Weather Widgets. It would be amazing if Apple let developers create companion Widgets for their apps.

Too soon for an iOS 7 wishlist? It’s never too soon, and Chad has some interesting things he looks forward to in iOS 7.

Apple will hold a media event on the 23rd of Oct


Just like I was saying, we know now for sure. What we don’t know is what will be presented there, besides the all touted iPad mini/nano/air thingy. We’ll see on the 23rd.

New Microsoft Surface commercial

iPad Mini – waiting for the event invitation

So all these rumours are pointing towards a 23 October event to launch the new smaller iPad. Now, as far as I know Apple tends to send the event invites about one week shy of the actual event, so…if the official invites start showing up tomorrow in tech inboxes, we’ll know for sure.

Facebook knew the IPO would be a flop

Noting that Facebook was counting some mobile users twice, Jacobs wrote on March 22: “Please explain to us how you determined that your metrics are not overstated.”

Only eight days before the IPO, on May 9, did Facebook make clear in a filing that daily mobile customers were increasing faster than advertising growth, potentially hurting revenue and profits. It was the strongest public signal that the IPO could fall short of its high expectations.

I thought from day one that Facebook’s stock was highly over-evaluated. Now it seems they also knew it and fought to make huge money from the get go, fully realizing that the IPO price would drop afterwards. Must be nice to be an enthusiast amateur investor who bought that fast selling initial stock only to see it now at half value.