If you’re a user of Google Reader or someone who wants to keep up with your favorite news sources via RSS on the iPad, I can’t recommend River of News highly enough. I’ve used Google Reader heavily for many years, used a large number of RSS apps for iOS (and yes I have tried Reeder) and River of News has remained my solid favorite ever since I started using it. It’s the first news source I go to each day, one of my most frequently used apps, and one of my choices for the Best iPad Apps of 2011 list (and the 2010 list as well).

River of News has been my favorite RSS reader on the iPad for a long time, and I should know what I’m talking about: I’m a bit of a RSS freak and I’ve bought and tested most of the RSS apps from the AppStore! And none of them comes even close to River of News. Really hope that they come out with a version for iPhone at some point in the future.