I feel like no one else is saying this, and since I’ve not ever been one to hold back what’s on my mind I absolutely will — enough is enough. I’ve had it with incremental updates to Android smartphones every two weeks, I’ve had it with the super-sized ridiculousness, and I’ve had it with all of these marketing gimmicks. Just focus on a quality product, and you won’t have to release eight “flagship” models a year.

Finally someone says what’s on everyone’s mind: the Galaxy Note is too fuckin’ big![1. via Boio.ro] It’s not cool, it’s not a better phone, it’s just a weird malformed offspring of a tablet and a phone. Goes to show that bigger isn’t always better, especially in the tech world. Not to mention the “vintage” stick it’s equipped with.

Unfortunately I don’t think Samsung will get this and I’m waiting for their next 5.5″ flagship phone. Some people have no sense of taste whatsoever.