“Sony makes too many models, and for none of them can they say, ‘This contains our best, most cutting-edge technology,’ ” Mr. Sakito said. “Apple, on the other hand, makes one amazing phone in just two colors and says, ‘This is the best.’ ”

The phrases above give you the essence of what’s wrong with so many tech companies today and what has been the root of downfall for most of them. There is nothing more important than focus in the business strategy of a company. And although almost everyone admits this, seems it’s not as easy to implement as you’d think. Apple makes it look simple, but let’s not forget how many years they have behind this concept. This streamline of products catalog doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of effort and commitment.

Getting a tech company to lose the “throw it all out there and see what sticks” spaghetti approach is harder than getting a junkie off cocaine.