Sony has reduced the price of its first tablet S by $100 in the US, a move that may suggest the tech company is trying to sway consumers to its Android-based device. At the company’s online store, the 16 GB model has been reduced to $399 while the 32 GB model is now $499.

Why in Thor’s name don’t they price it right straight from launch? I mean if you’re trying to compete in a market that’s mainly subdued by the iPad and you don’t really have enough arguments to gain traction organically, shouldn’t your price be one of the main unique selling points?

We’ve seen this strategy over and over again, with the HP TouchPad, RIM’s Playbook and so on. What’s Sony thinking? “Let’s launch it at $500 and see what happens”. After 3 months, sells are low…”let’s make it $100 cheaper and see what happens”. Stupid wait and see strategy. They lose the initial launch momentum and that first buzz and try to restart the engine in mid-trip. I doubt that’s ever gonna work.