On Wednesday Springpad evolved into its third iteration, transforming the information capture service into a social networking engine. This social network, however, isn’t built around friends or relationships, but rather items of interest, lists or tasks.

I’ve long had an account with Springpad and had it installed on my iPhone and iPad[1.I’m an app freak, I install almost anything “shiny” and new]. Never got around to actually using it, seemed to me like yet another note taking app with no USP[2.Unique Selling Point/Proposition] of its own. Now they have a brand new concept and I’m glad to see companies trying to shake of mediocrity and do something new and original[3.Well, almost original]

Are they the next Pinterest? Probably not. But they might have found an untapped mini-niche that could lead them to success. Though it’s gonna be a long, hard road.