Hot off the Dow Jones Newsire comes a report that, according to their CEO Dan Hesse, Sprint is throttling the top 1 percent of data users, including their new iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S subscribers. “For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off,” Hesse said at an investor conference Thursday. He said Sprint pares back data use for about 1% of users, a practice known as throttling.

Why would you call a data plan “unlimited” when in reality it isn’t? How can you define my data usage as “abuse” when the contract we signed says “unlimited”?  I am not “abusing”, I am exerting my right to use data the way I want and need, that’s why I’m paying for an “unlimited” plan!

This kind of bullshit should be met in court, I say. If they throttle your data, just sue their ass.