To get the Android experience I really want entails flashing CyanogenMod 9, dragging icons and widgets around on the homescreens, setting up the launcher to my preference, underclocking the CPU, setting the CPU governor, re-installing apps from the Play Store, configuring all the settings to my liking and then moving every single app that can be moved to the SD card, one at a time. And all this has to be done even when I’ve already put a stock Android ROM on my device. If I hadn’t installed CyanogenMod, I’d have to root the device, uninstall the bloatware, install another launcher, configure the launcher’s settings, install a replacement keyboard… the list goes on, and after a while it just gets really tiring.

I don’t want to have to deal with all this, I just want a phone that works well the way it is.

Well, you’ve come to the right place if you want a phone that just works. Ultimately, that’s what the iPhone is.

I can relate to every complaint in Alvin’s article. The shittiest phone that I ever used was the HTC Legend (which unfortunately I still have, as a second phone) and I vowed never to touch another HTC handset ever again (and, by extension, any Android phone), once I get rid of this one.