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Waiting for tonight

  I’m waiting for tonight’s Apple event like I wait for a great movie or a spectacular concert. Come at me, iPad 3/HD! picture source

iPad 3 won’t replace your laptop

That’s because, for all the talk about whether the iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor or a retina display or a VW Beetle bud vase, we already know one…

What would the retina display look like on the iPad 3

Considering the way Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 has dominated headlines for months, it’s easy to forget the company has yet to officially acknowledge anything and that almost everything we think…

iPad 3. 7th of March. San Francisco

It’s official. What was I saying yesterday?   The Apple event invitation should arrive this week if they plan the new iPad launch on 7/9 of March —…

iPad 3 wishful thinking