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The first Windows 8 commercials are here (leaked, not official)

iPad’s price not that high after all

If reports from Taiwan are to be believed, hardware manufacturers are struggling to create Windows 8 on ARM (Windows RT) devices that are competitively priced against Apple’s iPad…

Windows 8 store has just 99 Metro apps

It has been over 6 since months since Microsoft held its Windows 8 BUILD event for ecosystem partners. Microsoft also handed out tablets to the developers so they could start building applications….

First hack for the Windows 8

Microsoft took the bold steps of removing the traditional Windows 8 Start menu and Start button orb from its Windows 8 Consumer Preview last week. Desktop PC users are currently…

Windows 8 looks good on a tablet

What I don’t understand is why isn’t Metro dialed down on the non-touch experience and the desktop mode pushed up a little bit, since it’s pretty obvious that a keyboard…