So instead of building a phone, which seems like a desperate move, Facebook should partner with every operating system and carrier and hardware maker it can to try to embed this social platform within every mobile platform. And it should build great apps to float on top of these systems. (And if Apple keeps giving it the brush-off, it should probably start by cozying up to Samsung, which is the only company giving Apple a run for its money).

Why not stick to what you’re good at? And maybe try to polish that, improve it for your users. I know everyone has in mind Apple’s shift in the market, going from computer maker to the music industry and mobile devices (with the iPod, iPhone and iPad), but that’s a tough act to follow.

To further quote Henry Blodget from his article:

Yes, everyone wants to be Apple. But there’s only one Apple right now. And Facebook’s chance of becoming the next Apple seems even smaller than Apple’s chance to become Apple was.