The Galaxy S III is… well… it’s ugly. There’s really no other way to put it. But why? Why is it ugly? I don’t mean aesthetically, why is it ugly, I mean, “How did something like this ever make it out of Samsung’s design studio?” I’ll tell you how, it was never in the design studio. This phone design was born down the hall, in a room where the door sign reads “Samsung Legal.”

I think’s Ron Amadeo’s got something here, the phone looks like it had every design element designed and pre-approved by the Legal team at Samsung, to have a bit of differentiation from Apple’s products.

What I don’t agree is the closing of the article:

When Apple started patent trolling, they basically admitted they weren’t going to win in an open market, and they decided to drag Samsung down with them. The crazy thing is, Samsung is letting them. They’ve ceded ownership of the rectangle and other common sense design traits to Apple, and did everything they could to bow down to their largest customer.

There you go and ruin an interesting piece. Apple is just defending itself from the shameless copycat that Samsung has become. I’m sure Ron also believes that Santa Clause exists and that Android is winning.