Apple’s rivals are quick to say how much better, faster, cheaper or more popular their smartphones, computers and tablets are.Yet when it comes to working conditions in the Chinese factories that build these competing products, Apple’s electronics rivals have been silent lately.

When the simple mention of the word “Apple” gets you traffic and clicks, one can understand why every tech world scandal aims to be tied somehow to the biggest company in the world. Who cares that workers in Sony factories have difficult working conditions, low wages and so on? But if you can somehow blame Apple for these, well now that’s a story. However wrong that may be, the good thing is that they’ve shown they can handle it. When the questions first arose, Apple didn’t start saying they’re not responsible, that others have much worse conditions, that nothing can be done because it’s in China. What they did is openly show they’re trying to do something different there. And that’s the kind of business elegance that we’ve come to expect from them.