The point I’m trying to make is that piracy is not this mammoth specter killing the entire entertainment industry like they would have you believe. I am not saying that there has never been a dollar or job lost because of it, nor am I encouraging the illegal practice in the least, but the natural ebbs and flows of the industry with big hits and misses are far more significant than miniscule piracy loses among a specific, young, tech-savvy group who knows how to get their media for free.

Great piece from Paul Tassi on the Hollywood vs piracy whole debate, well documented and putting things in a new light. Bottom line: the movie industry’s profits are not affected by piracy as they’d have us believe, they make more money each year and their financial mishaps are usually fueled by box office failures involving crappy over-budgeted movies. Sure, they could make more money, but why change your practices when you can make the whole Internet change instead? Here’s hoping that this attitude blows up in their faces eventually.