First of all, today was a vacation day for me (government issued). So it started out pretty good, with sleeping in and the knowledge that I don’t have to do anything work related. So as I was enjoying my new iPad in bed this morning (hey, not what you think), I thought of getting a new ebook onto it. Disclosure: this is one of my favorite things on my new laptop: stuffing my iBooks with new books from my thousands books collection on the home computer.

So, long story short, I tried clicking “open in iBooks” on a brand new ebook I had downloaded in my Dropbox, like I always do. Only, this time, nothing happened. I mean iBooks opened but just showed me the book cover for a second and then made it dissapear. I tried again, with the same result.Every new ebook (in .epub format) I tried today gave me the same result: no iBooks i porting success. I as going crazy, to be honest. I tried the same thing (same ebook) on my iPhone 3GS and on my iPad 1st gen and guess what? It worked!

So what the hell was wrong with iBooks on my new iPad 3rd gen)? Tried emailing Apple, tried calling support. No luck. Mid-day I saw an iBooks update in the App Store. Version 2.1. Surely that will solve my issue right? Well, not quite. Updated to the new version, but still the same crap. Still no getting my new ebook onto the brand new iPad.

At this point I was pretty upset. This is a very important part of my daily iPad usage, the reading one. And I like to do it properly, in iBooks or in the Amazon app. I know there are apps like Bluefire, Stanza or MegaReader, I have them installed, but…they don’t compare to the experience of reading in iBooks. So I was pretty much heading for a shitty day, Apple-wise. I was getting used to the idea that reading on my main device won’t be the same.

But it seems that the reading Gods do smile upon us from time to time. Because iBooks version 2.1.1 came along also today. Now, I’m no expert, but: when Apple releases 2 versions of the same app in one day…that means something was seriously fucked up with that app.┬áSo, again, I upgraded iBooks and hoped for the best. And what do you know? This new version actually solved the problem! I was able to get that ebook into iBooks and things went back to their smooth self, reading wise.

Moral of the story: I still love you, Apple, but please: don’t you ever again pull that shit on me!