So, the two successful tablets that the masses have embraced (my note: Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire) had the same top two features going for them when they launched:
1.) A great price
2.) Services that made them immediately useful.

None of headliner tablets that are being introduced at CES 2012 have both of those things. Some of them have a great price, like the OLPC 3.0 tablet ($100) or ViewSonic’s $169 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. A few them, like the Acer are talking about services, but they don’t have a comprehensive package like Amazon and Apple and they aren’t putting services front-and-center in the product. That’s a critical mistake, and a doesn’t bode well for the destiny of most of the tablets at CES.

Good article from Jason Hiner, glad to see there still are people who do get it. I’d add this: what tablet makers fail again and again to see – it’s not about specs and hardware, it’s more about the ecosystem surrounding your tablet. That’s what makes it successful, that’s what makes people buy it and love it.