But a bigger, bluer presence is conspicuously absent from Apple’s OS integration. Facebook is the dominant player in social media, but its direct integration is nowhere to be found in Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems. It’s a glaring omission considering Facebook updates are a simple drop-down menu choice in Android and Windows Phone.

The reason for the diss is simple: Apple doesn’t want to hand over the keys to its social media car to such a large competitor. Apple is happy to integrate Twitter across iOS and Mountain Lion, sure. But as Ross Rubin of NPD Research told me, “Unlike Google, Twitter isn’t making a competitive phone platform.”

Fuck Twitter, I want to share stuff on Facebook directly from iOS and OS X. Whatever the reason may be for this ignoring of Facebook, I truly hope it will change. If Apple is all about user experience they should find a way to work with Facebook, after all they did work with rivals like Microsoft or Google in the past so this definitely can be done.