First try and watch this incredible HP Envy presentation:

If you managed to get through it with a straight face, then you are definitely stronger than me. Is this for real? It must be, cause it’s on HP’s official Youtube channel.

This is one of the most mesmerizing collections of idiotic bullshit I have ever witnessed! Besides the obvious MacBook inspiration and copied look, these guys actually see themselves as trend-setters. They have invented something called “interaction gravity” that’s manifested *solemn silence* through a hot damn “volume wheel”! They go on and on about it for a good portion of the clip. The show continues by they’re praising of the “multiple led for keyboard” invention which allows them to “illuminate the keyboard”. WHOAAA!!! And they manage to blurt out this crap with a serious face, I’d say they clearly are better actors than Kristen Stewart.

Are they deluded? Is this clip just ripped of from The Onion? W.T.F.?