What I don’t understand is why isn’t Metro dialed down on the non-touch experience and the desktop mode pushed up a little bit, since it’s pretty obvious that a keyboard and mouse are not the ideal way on controlling the new Metro UI. Anyway, since it’s very easy to just immerse into the familiar desktop interface and forget about Metro I’m pretty sure fans of the old Windows way will be fine with Windows8.

My thoughts exactly. I’ve installed Windows 8 on an old notebook and it’s so obvious the Metro interface wasn’t designed for desktops, it’s very much touch oriented. I can’t imagine Windows 8 in a multinational company business environment, maybe if the professional versions will have the old desktop as default. But I do understand the dual face of this new OS, as a Windows user you like the Metro but at some point you get “scared” of the new and feel the need to bounce back to the “common” and old interface, which you have the option to do. This feels like a transition OS, with Windows 9 probably being all touch designed.