Sorry to burst your bubble, but here’s what we’re going to see at Apple’s WWDC 2012 Keynote (based on previous history):

  • An Apple earnings and market share report – “State of Apple” as it were. Spoiler alert: they’re doing “insanely great”
  • A preview of Mountain Lion, including a rehash of what’s currently known and some unseen features
  • A preview of whatever the next update for iOS is – could be iOS 6, could be iOS 5.5. We’ll probably get a look at 8-10 new features tying the iPhone and iPad more closely to the Mac

I think Harry Marks has the right thoughts on this year’s WWDC, worth checking out the whole piece. My instinct says that the iOS update part will also include a Siri availability for the iPad (the new iPad and maybe iPad 2). They’ve had time to test it by now on the iPhone 4S, perhaps prepare for the additional load on the hardware from a batch of new users. The voice dictation on the new iPad is just laying the grounds for the arrival of the master. And Siri definitely needs a return on buzz status, which I see Apple realizing and tackling with the new celebrity commercials. We’ll see in June.